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  • Learn From a Specialist in Takedowns AND Grappling. Don’t Waste Money on a Wrestling DVD That Glazes Over Details and Just Tells You to “Drill Hard.” Get the Expertise and Power of Wrestling with the Careful Details of Jiu Jitsu for the Best of Both Worlds

 See What These World-Class Wrestling and Grappling Champs Have to Say About Ken’s Amazing Takedown Instruction:



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You and the rest of the grappling world might expect that an entire wrestling system for grapplers might be sold for big ticket prices. $400, maybe $300 for a full course (not to mention the added Bonuses included here).

I’ve considered a number of prices, and even though some people will think I’m a buffoon for offering this full course for only $197 – Plus FREE Shipping, but that’s what I’m doing. After this 3-day event there’s no way I’m letting this course drop below $200 again, and there’s no way I can keep including the Bonuses I am now. Get in on this course now at the ridiculously low, 3-Day Special rate of $197 (and I cover all shipping and Handling!)

Here’s The 6 DVD Modules of the “Takedown Blueprint” That Will Transform Your Success on the Feet

  • Strategy: If you’re like most grapplers, you don’t need another set of “moves.” In this DVD you’ll learn the underlying principles and strategies that make techniques “tick,” as well as the smart approaches to ALWAYS being the first to score 2.
  • Set-Ups: Here’s the entire grappling community under-emphasizes. Takedowns are nice, but without a SYSTEMATIC approach to getting into those takedowns, you’ll have your face full of mat quicker than you can blink. Learn all the tricks to creating predictable responses from an opponent so that you can get in and get him down with ease.
  • Full Takedowns: Putting the pieces together is something Ken does better than anyone. From setup, to entry, to takedown to settling dominant positions – Ken goes through the entire gambit on some of his best takedowns. Watching all the wrestling DVDs in the world wouldn’t help you with this aspect of the science of takedowns for grappling.
  • Russians and Front Headlock: The Jiu Jitsu community of void of pretty much all reference to these positions, and it’s a crying shame. If you’re the victor in these two common tie-ups, you’ll be so far ahead of the rest of the grappling world who’s learned their takedown skills from a few scattered Youtube videos.
  • Defense: You shoot, you win. He shoots – YOU WIN! That’s what we’re talking about in this DVD. Most grapplers are pretty darn sick of getting taken down at will by a skilled wrestler. Don’t let that be you any longer! Here you’ll not only learn to defend takedowns, you’ll learn to COUNTER them – and Prevent them altogether.
  • Drills: Build the muscle memory you need to be a MONSTER on the feet – FAST – with Ken’s best drilling approaches to shooting, defending and countering. You don’t need to wrestle 4 years in college to Shoot and Sprawl like a pro – learn from the best and take your own skills to the next level with just minutes of drilling before or after class.

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 The Decision From Here is Pretty Simple!

If you’re still on this page, it tells me that getting better at takedowns is something you’re into – and presumably if you were a 4-time Olympian you wouldn’t be here on my page (you’d probably be on the mat drilling!). The decision now is not whether or not becoming a Takedown Machine is something you’re serious about – it’s HOW you’ll go about reaching that goal.
The primary paths are to (1) Learn wrestling at a high school or college that will allow you to practice with them, (2) Buy up a bunch of wrestling VHS tapes from eBay in hopes that some of them will apply to grappling, or (3) invest in a course like no other, a course 100% dedicated to stepping up your Takedown and Takedown Defense skills for grappling (by a competitor and respected teacher in BOTH styles).

If you’re getting on board, I’ll tell you that NOW’s the time to do it, in the next 3 days this killer deal is going to have to be gone (especially with the number of conference calls / match breakdowns I’ll have on my plate!). 

- Ken Primola